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concrete cutting

Not all concrete cutting is the same. Your project will have its own challenges. But whatever the challenge, TROYA has the concrete cutting equipment and knowledge to provide an effective, affordable solution. Wall cutting, slab cutting, coring, trenching TROYA KNOWS HOW TO CUT CONCRETE!


Quick and safe method of cutting ASPHALT or CONCRETE. Can eliminate jack hammering and greatly reduce dust for easy removal and clean-up. Cuts up to 15" deep can be made with electric, gas or diesel equipment. From CURB REMOVAL, STREET WIDENING, TRENCHES and SLAB REPAIR concrete sawing produces straight and clean edges.


Fast, easy and dust-free method of cutting through up to 21" concrete walls for WINDOWS, DOORWAYS or any other OPENINGS. The unit is hydraulically powered and eliminates the structural integrity of the concrete.


Round holes through concrete, even if it contains rebar; holes, varying from 1/2" to 50" diameters at unlimited depths, can be drilled at ANY LOCATION using electric, pneumatic or hydraulic equipment. ANCHORING, CONDUIT, PIPING & DRYER VENTS that were not originally planned for can be easily and quickly added to any location.


Saw cutting can be done through concrete floors to provide access below for PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL TRENCHES or REPAIRS in warehouses, offices, commercial buildings, etc. This type of cutting is dust free by using water on the blade to keep it cool and can be accomplished with electric, gas or diesel saws depending on the ventilation and areas to be worked in.

REMOVAL AND GENERAL CLEAN-UP...... Just one call, we'll clean it all!!
Whether you're dealing with hard-to-reach concrete or heavily reinforced concrete or you just have a tight schedule that must be met, TROYA can help. We offer a range of options for your industrial project and we're devoted to keeping to your schedule no matter what!
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